Providing a way for your givers to be generous no matter where they are!

The Baptist Foundation of South Carolina is offering a quick, easy, and cost effective way for churches and ministries to offer online giving to their donors, so they have the chance to give faithfully in all circumstances.


Simple setup – you can be setup to receive gifts in as little as one day by completing one document

No cost, no commitmentthere is no cost to have an online giving account, just low processing/transaction fees for when a contribution is made (eCheck: $.30 transaction fee; debit/credit: 2.69% processing + $.30 transaction fee)

Low hassle accounting – you will receive all the documents you need to easily reconcile accounts for the month

An online giving web page these pages can be customized for your ministry and easily linked to social media or your website OR can be directly embedded in your current website

Text-to-givehelp donors give directly from their phone

E-check and debit/credit card givinghelp donors give one-time and recurring payments from their checking account or via debit/credit card



It takes just a minute to let us know you’re interested in setting up online giving!


Shortly after you will receive an email with the agreement form to begin setting up your account.

Once we’ve received the returned agreement form, we will work with you to customize your online giving page/portal.


You will receive a finalized email with your custom online giving page/portal and text-to-give instructions.

Also included is a Launch Guide which has ideas, tips, verbiage, and graphics to use as you communicate with your givers.


Watch the video below to see how simple online giving can be!


  • Can we use Grow Generosity if we don't have a website?

    Yes! While we can supply you embed codes for your website, we can also send you a URL for a customized, stand-alone web page that is customized for your ministry.
  • How quickly can I get set up to receive contributions?

    Typically it takes about 1 business day to get set-up for Online Giving.
  • What if we never have anyone use it? Will it cost us anything?

    NO! The Foundation does not charge any platform fees or management fees to have a Grow Generosity online giving account.
  • How much does it cost to process transactions?

    BFSC only passes on the processing and transaction fees incurred from each contribution made. eCheck: $ .30 transaction fee Debit/Credit Cards: 2.69% processing fee + $ .30 transaction fee
  • Can I set up multiple designations?

    Yes! There is no limit to the designations you can have. At any time, you can request to add or remove designations.
  • What benefit is there to having a Grow Generosity online giving account?

    Online giving provides an additional avenue for your givers to be generous, even beyond Sunday! It's easy to use wherever and whenever they choose. They can set up recurring transactions, and even choose to cover processing/transaction fees for your ministry. It doesn't replace your current giving methods--just enhances it!
  • How safe is the Grow Generosity online giving platform?

    Grow Generosity is PCI compliant and takes every precaution to keep your donor's information safe. All sensitive payment information is housed safely and securely on a separate, secure server with our merchant services.
  • When will we receive the funds contributed to our ministry?

    We deposit funds on a monthly basis directly to your chosen bank account. Typically this is processed and deposited to your bank the first week of the following month.
  • Will I know who my donations are from?

    Yes! Along with your monthly direct deposit, we will send you a report outlining all the details of your contributions and givers information.
  • How do I let my givers know we have an online giving option?

    When your account is set-up, we will also send you a Launch Guide filled with a lot of great resources, like letter/email verbiage, post captions, tips and ideas, and even graphics to use during services or online! The Foundation will also continue to send you additional tips, reminders, and resources to take your ministry's generosity to the next level!
  • Won't our offerings be less with processing/transaction fees?

    Having online giving provides an opportunity for giving that did not previously exist for those not physically present or those without cash/check. The fees incurred from processing contributions are those charged by the back office processors to provide your ministry with electronic financial capabilities that are efficient and secure. These are service fees, similar to utilities or postage (and, if a donor chooses the e-check option, it’s cheaper than a stamp!). One great feature is that your givers do have the option to cover the fees for you (as a contribution)—and about 50% of givers are choosing to do so!
  • Can I receive our contribution records more than once a month?

    Due to the volume of Grow Generosity online giving accounts, the Foundation cannot regularly supply giving records more than once a month. BUT you can contact us at anytime to be updated on your account!