Your legacy… it’s about passing your values to the next generation. The principles and ideals by which you live today will have an impact on the loved ones you leave behind. What are you teaching today that they will remember tomorrow? What about the Christian values that are important to you today? Will your church or other ministries that you support today be impacted through your legacy of giving? Will you continue to help them reach the lost even after your lifetime?

The Baptist Foundation of South Carolina exists to assist individuals in developing a charitable financial and estate strategy that reflects Christian values. Estate planning is important to your family. It provides instructions for handling your affairs and reduces confusion at a difficult time. It also provides an opportunity for you to share your Christian faith and your desires for the futures of your loved ones. The Foundation also assists individuals in administration of charitable trusts and annuities, instruments that provide lifetime income and eventually provide for charity. These instruments provide attractive tax benefits, rates, and are often funded with appreciated assets, such as stock or real estate. Legacy gifts managed by the Foundation provide perpetual income for ministries, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that you can continue to support ministries well beyond your lifetime.