The Baptist Foundation of South Carolina supports South Carolina Baptist and other evangelic ministries through financial services that strengthen ministry. From investment of ministry funds for short or long term needs, endowment services for ongoing perpetual financial support, congregational motivation and education to encourage legacy gifts to ministry and campaign stewardship services to help churches with project fundraising. These services alone make the Foundation an attractive choice. But, after further investigation, you’ll find that there is much more that your ministry gains when partnering with the Baptist Foundation. You won’t be paying the bank…you’ll be partnering in ministry!


  • Discover how a Legacy Ministry could not only benefit your church, but help mold and change the hearts of your church's congregation in the realm of stewardship. When we begin to see that all we possess has been entrusted to us by God, our outlook on giving changes. MORE
  • Through socially screened investments, the Foundation is eager to help your ministry cultivate an investment strategy that fits your vision for your ministry. By supporting your ministry, we are one step closer to accomplishing the Great Commission. MORE
  • Capital Campaigns can be much more than just fundraising. In fact through our capital campaigns we've seen not only greater giving, but a time of spiritual renewal. MORE
  • Each year we award grants to churches and ministries towards the advancement of "Kingdom Growth". See if we might be able to help you fund your next project! MORE
  • Cemeteries can turn into a financial burden for a church without the proper investments. The Foundation is eager to assist your church in setting up a perpetual fund that will not only help maintain your cemetery this year, but through all the future ones as well. MORE