Be A Biblical Financial Leader

Did you know that a financial decision is a spiritual one?  If you study God’s Word, you will find an abundance of guidance on how to save, spend, invest, and ultimately leave behind all that God has entrusted to you.  Every Christian should practice Biblical stewardship, and God’s Word outlines very clearly how to do that.

Did you know that every Christian is also a leader?  Once you have become a Christian, you become an example to others.  When you put those two facts together, you find that Christians should be the example and lead others in making sound financial decisions.  While it’s perfectly acceptable to not reveal your personal financial details, there are principals you can practice that will give those around you an example of what Biblical stewardship looks like.

First of all, begin with your family.  Are you teaching Biblical stewardship principals to your children?  Teaching them early on will make it easier for them when they are on their own.  Do you practice it yourself?  A quick look at your bank statement will reveal where your priorities are. You can be a Biblical financial leader to your spouse, children, and other family members by tithing your income at the beginning of your bill paying session instead of at the end, spending less than you make, saving for the future, considering estate stewardship, etc.  When big purchases are on the table, discuss the financial impact they will have on the family, and what the Bible says about the type of spending you are contemplating.

When you are at work or at church, you should consider your center of influence – your fellow workers, Sunday School class, fellow deacons, etc.  You can have a significant impact on them by sharing what God’s word says about finances when you have the opportunity.  This doesn’t mean that you need to tell them the details of your giving.  You can do this by simply participating in a discussion or by giving your testimony on how the Lord has blessed you for being obedient.  Let’s start leading others to be good stewards.  But remember, the first person you lead is yourself.

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