What if…

…you could impact future generations through annual gifts to your church or favorite ministry even after you’ve gone to be with the Lord?

Have you ever wished there was a way you could continue giving to your church or favorite ministry in the future? Do you want to provide financially for loved ones after you’ve gone but also leave a legacy of your faith?

Christian estate planning is all about providing for your family and providing resources for the Lord’s work. Many people simply don’t realize their capacity for giving through their estate plans. They look at the funds they have available right now and don’t think about those other resources that are a part of their total financial picture. In fact, most people only use 9% of their total resources to live on during their lifetimes. The other 91% of their possessions are in other assets… real estate, insurance policies, retirement benefits, etc… that they can’t free up as easily. Estate planning, which considers all of your resources, provides a wonderful opportunity for giving! You can provide for your family, making sure that your financial assets and personal belongings are distributed according to your wishes, AND provide for the Lord’s work by giving a percentage of your estate to your church or favorite ministry. What a message to share to your family and others! Through your legacy of giving, you can impact the future of your church or favorite ministry by continuing to give after you’re gone.

So, how can you give annual gifts to ministry after this life? When some people gift a gift to ministry through their estate plan, they give the full amount to the ministry at one time. However, many people like the idea of giving annually to ministry. They want to give for a purpose, such as scholarships or youth work or missions, and they want to be sure those purposes are funded each year. If this sounds appealing, the solution is to endow the gift. This can be easily accomplished through your will or other instrument with the correct language. An endowment is an instrument in which the gift is held permanently and invested. The income from the gift is then distributed to the ministry or ministries YOU choose each year thereafter – until Jesus returns! What’s more, your family members can be notified every year of what you gave through your endowment. This may encourage them to give as well.

All of these things are possible, but you’ll never be able to positively answer the “what if” question if you don’t have a completed and up-to-date estate plan. The Foundation would love to help you get started with a new estate plan or with revising your plan. It’s really simple. But, just like planning for vacation or any event, it takes some time. That’s why we have the Estate Plan Organizer (EPO). The EPO is a guided, self-paced estate planning tool that allows you to seriously think about your desires and wishes in a safe, secure manner from the comfort of your own home! Simply log in to the EPO and your information will be maintained for 60 days! All information is encrypted and will not be available to anyone unless you choose to send it to the Foundation. As you “walk through” the EPO, you will be given information about things you need to consider as you prepare for your family and consider giving to the Lord’s work. Once completed, you have the option of printing the EPO to take to your personal attorney OR sending the EPO to the Foundation for review and assistance. It’s simple, convenient, and safe.

Get started with answering your “what if” question by clicking on the following link: Estate Plan Organizer

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